Iā€™m a product designer with a passion to design human-centered, delightful digital experience.

All my passion for design comes from my nature to empathize with people in need and want to deeply understand humanity in general. We are all beings that long for a meaningful relationship with other people or things to satisfy our needs or wants. We are all born with the nature to interact with things to get what we need or want, or just to experience good 'feelings', just as my 3-year twin boys like to indulge themselves to the slime toy or the play-dough to enjoy their feelings. Living in a 'digital screen' generation (or iPhone generation), it's my life mission to help people have meaningful and pleasurable digital experience.

My recent full-time work was at Mosaicapp where I oversaw all designs for its core offerings for more than 4 years. Being the company's first design hire, I helped the team establish a user-centered design process and design thinking. After I had seen the product grow from 0 to 100+ business customers, I've parted myself to face new challenges (I'm looking for a new opportunity) and refresh my design muscles.

Before Mosaicapp, I was at Weare8 where I teamed up with another designer to design its desktop and mobile applications. This was where I found my interest in UI/UX design and I started my career as UI/UX designer as I created wireframes, UIs, and prototypes. As a freelancer, I have also been fortunate to help clients like Schneider, Girl Scouts USA, Kevyn Aucoin, and Declare with their digital offerings.

In my free time (besides having time with my 3 kids), I try to learn new things via online courses (designcode.io and udemy.com being main sources) or read through Medium articles and books. OK, to tell you the truth, another 50% of my free time is being spent on playing games. My other big interest is photography (this is my current gear of choice), I'm just waiting for my kids to grow enough for me to go on a travel and shoot photos.